Dorset Health Campaign

"The NHS will last as long as there are people left with the faith to fight for it"



The Dorset Health Campaign was formed in November 2012 as an independent group of Dorset residents who care about the quality and future of health services in our county.

The formation of the group came about as result of campaigning by the UK national pressure group 38 Degrees which has over 2.5 million supporters throughout the UK. 38 Degrees is a campaigning umbrella national organisation focusing on social policy. It's largest campaign since 2012 has been against privatisation in the NHS.

The Dorset group was renamed the Dorset Health Campaign in April 2014. We campaign and work for an excellent, transparent and publicly provided National Health Service in Dorset. We welcome members to our group who share our aim.

Please contact us regarding your concerns about the NHS, either locally or nationally.