Dorset Health Campaign

"The NHS will last as long as there are people left with the faith to fight for it"


Lyme Regis Beach

We are a group of Dorset residents who do have that faith. Join our campaign to maintain and improve the standards that the Dorset public expect from their NHS.

Our current major campaign is to prevent significant damage to Dorset NHS services by the declared need to make even more savings in the Dorset NHS budget. The Dorset Clinical Commissing group have now finally released their proposed money savings plans to reduce NHS services in Dorset. They held these plans back from the public until after the election.

See content of local media on cut backs to NHS in Dorset.

Sign the Dorset Echo petition to protect the Kingfisher children's ward at Dorchester. Already over 6000 signatures.

The Dorset Health Campaign was formed in late 2012 as an independent group of Dorset residents who care about the quality and future of health services in our county. We campaign for an excellent, transparent and publicly provided National Health Service in Dorset.

Where we identify problems within our local Dorset NHS, we campaign to have them put right. We would like to hear from people with particular concerns on the NHS in Dorset and would much appreciate help with our campaigning.

Our campaign in 2014 which was totally successful was to prevent the large and important Dorchester Pathology Laboratory from being sold off in October 2014. We handed in a petition with 10,000 signatures to the hospital chairman on 10 September and a further 2000 signatures ahead of the 8th October hospital board meeting. The meeting to our delight decided to keep the Pathology laboratory as it is and to add investment to improve its facilities.

This government introduced changes to the NHS in April 2013 which we believe can be very damaging to the quality of the healthcare that we receive - such changes as:

Please contact us regarding your concerns about the NHS, either locally or nationally.