Dorset Health Campaign

"The NHS will last as long as there are people left with the faith to fight for it"



Mums and Families March Though Dorchester (Saturday 13 June 2015)

The Kingfisher Ward Mums' group organised a march through Dorchester to protest at the closure of childrens' facilities in Dorchester hospital. The march, which filled the whole length of South street, attracted well over 1000 marchers.

After marching from Top O' Town car park to Burrough Gardens with banners held high and the sound of their slogans filling the streets, the campaigners relaxed to music and singing.

A video of the march can be seen HERE.

They are now planning another march.

They will not give up.



Mums' Demonstration Outside CCG Offices (Friday 29 May 2015)

Campaigners gathered to protest against the proposed changes to Dorchester Hospital’s paediatric services. It is proposed to downgrade the children's services so that most sick children needing care must go 40 miles east to Bournemouth hospital causing major problems for both children and parents. The aim is to reduce the budget for the hospital by making what are euthemistically called "efficiency savings". It seems that no thought is given to the patients or their relatives in this computer generated money saving procedure. Note that it is a committee of Dorset GPs who are making this decision. They do seem rather hard hearted. Perhaps they are just following political orders? This proposal was hidden until the local MPs who are cutting the NHS budget had safely been voted back into power. Is that Dorset democracy?


Demonstration outside CCG Offices (Wed 15 April 2015)

Members of the Dorset Health Campaign and various other groups demonstrated outside the Dorchester offices of the Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group. We were demanding that the proposed changes to NHS facilities in Dorset which should now be available be provided to the public before the election rather than being held back.

A two person street play designed around the occasion was performed and an appropriate song was sung to the tune of "Why are we waiting".

A letter to the chairman of the CCG was handed in.



Demo and Street Play at Dorset Hospital (Wednesday Morning 8 October 2014)

A crowd gathered at Dorchester hospital ahead of the monthly hospital board meeting at which the directors would give their decision on who had won the tender to run the pathology lab or whether it would be retained as an in-house NHS facility. A briiliant street play of NHS v Capitalists was provided by the Bridport Unite Group ending with the song "It's Now or Never" which we all joined in. Watch part of the play on YouTube and see Dorset Echo report.

HOORAH! Excellent news! Later in the day it was announced that there would be no changes to the existing NHS Pathology Laboratory facility. So there will be no privatisation or departure of the facility. See Dorset Echo report on courageous decision of the board.

Campaigning at Dorchester Hospital Open Day (Saturday 4 October)

Members of the Dorset Health Campaign were present at the Dorchester Hospital Open Day, talking to the public and handing out leaflets.

Signatures continue to arrive at the on-line petition with comments such as:

  • FC - Keep the NHS what it was designed to be - a NATIONAL Health Service - not a means of making money by private businesses
  • Peter K - Keep the NHS NHS not private companies who only care about making profits not patient care.
  • Michael H - Keep it local.


Signatures Increasingly Rolling in for Pathology Lab Petition (Monday 29 September)

The 38 Degrees on-line petition, launched 9 September, and which gathered 2000 signatures overnight on 9/10 September has now reached 3070 with lots of comments such as:
  • Karen H - Such a vital service which benefits so many people should remain local. Speed of diagnosis should not be compromised.
  • John S - My wife has to have blood checks every 6 weeks, due to leukaemia
  • Gill H - I use this service regularly and feel its vital to keep it local.

Sign the petition HERE


Candle Light Vigil for the Dorchester Pathology Lab (Monday 22 September)

A group of supporters for the Pathology Lab campaign gathered outside Dorchester hospital for a candlelight vigil.





Dorset Council Health Scrutiny Committee Meeting (Wednesday 10 September)

We attended the meeting of the Dorset Council Health Scrutiny meeting. The Pathology Lab was on the agenda. One of our Dorset Health Campaign members had obtained permission to speak on the subject. Bob gave a very persuasive speech on how information was being denied to the public for unacceptable reasons. The meeting passed a motion which would require Dorset County Hospital to provide information to the committee for scrutiny of the Pathology Lab project.

Petition Hand-over to Dorchester Hospital Chairman (Wednesday 10 September 2014)

A paper petition with 8000 signatures, plus 2000 signatures received on our 38 Degrees on-line petition, was presented to Jeffrey Ellwood the chairman of Dorset County Hospital Foundation Trust. The presentation was made inside the boardroom before the periodic hospital directors' meeting. See the media coverage.




Attempt to Gag Dorset Hospital Governors (Dorset Echo - 8 September 2014)

- Front page article " We won't be Gagged - Governors in Revolt at Hospital Plan" showing how Dorset Hospital are trying to gag the governors of the hospital by forbidding them to speak out personally. Money has been sought to train governors how to behave to please their masters! Is this another example of Dorset feudal control in the NHS? For example, the members of the Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group (mostly GPs) have a gagging clause which they must obey; this is not the case in any other of the 200+ CCGs in the country. Moreover the public are not allowed to speak at the end of CCG meetings; this also is not the case elsewhere in the country.

Dorset Echo - 9 September 2014 - "Tempers Ignite at DCH Gagging Talks".

Hospital Governor Derek Julian said: “I have found the Echo to be very fair. They are the guardians of freedom. I will continue to speak to the press any time, any place, if I feel it is necessary to tell the patients I represent anything that is bad or good about the hospital.”


Large Group of Doctors Against Sell-off of Dorchester Pathology Laboratory

Dorset Echo - 1 August 2014 - Doctors write letter of support for Pathology Laboratory not to be sold off. They also give support to the quality of service provided by the pathology Lab and state that they have no intention to provide a "market" by moving their testing business elsewhere.